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Abstracts from Dowling Urban Environmental School 2008

Dowling Urban Environmental School
3900 West River Rd
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): Elisabeth Young-Isebrand

What lives in the dirt?

Edward I, Teddy J, Rami A

We wondered which soil habitat would have the most arthropods.  We dug equal soil samples 8" deep in the prairie, forest and backyard habitat.  The soil samples were placed in a berlese funnel and sat under the light.  We counted the soil arthropods that fell into the sample box.  We found that the forest had the most arthropods.  We think that the forest had the most arthropods because it is shady with lots of trees and the ground was moist.  Next time we do this experiment we will try different habitats and we will have the soil from the different habitats in the berlese funnel for the same amount of time.

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