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Abstracts from Epiphany Catholic School 2009

Epiphany Catholic School
11001 Hanson Blvd
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Betty Flanigan, Dawn Ressler, Jean Klisch

Decision Destination

Nick P, Tyler J

We chose the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach as our insect. The cockroaches are cool and we thought it would be fun to experiment with them. In our experiment, we put three adult cockroaches in one container and 16 small cockroaches in another container. Each container had one egg carton, two egg cartons and three egg cartons. Two times each day, we would check to see their location and wrote down the results. During this process, two small cockroaches and one adult died.

Do bugs like to dance?

Ashley D, Abby J, Melissa M

The bug we selected was the pillbug.  We wanted to know if pillbugs would roll into balls when bothered by different volumes of music.  To get accurate results we split the bugs into three groups and placed them in three different rooms with different volumes of music -- soft, medium, and loud.

Now That's a Big Worm!

Beth D, Sydney D, Haley H

The Hornworm is the insect that we chose for our project. For our experiment, we wanted to see if the temperature would have an affect on the growth of the worm. The Hornworms were divided into two containers. One container was placed in a room where the temperature was kept at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and one room where the temperature was kept at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Each day we measured the Hornworms and recorded their growth.

Oak, Birch or Aspen; Oh, My!

Tom K, Emil C, Max G

For our project for the Insect Fair, we chose to see if the Bess Beetle has a preference to one type of wood over another type of wood. The Bess Beetles were placed in an aquarium with dirt and three different types of wood; Oak, Birch and Aspen. Each day at 2:30 p.m. we checked and recorded where the beetles were in the tank. We also observed the difference in the eat marks on the wood.

Sniff Sniff! Is that Fertilizer?

Rebecca H, Bailey B, Dominic D

For the Insect Fair we chose millipedes.  We wanted to find out how millipedes react to ammonia and alcohol.  We had two giant millipedes.  The millipedes were put on separate pieces of paper and Q-tips were used to place a dab of ammonia or alcohol near their head and then their tail.  The next time we switched which liquid we dabbed near the millipedes.  From our observation we noted that the heads of both millipedes moved away from both the ammonia and alcohol while neither millipedes' tail reacted at all.

Surface Surfing

Katie S, Nathan M, Annamarie N

We selected millipedes for our experiment because they were interesting and felt they could be good specimens for our project. For the experiment, we wanted to discover what surface the millipedes preferred the most. To figure this out, we laid out different surfaces( sandpaper, cardboard, felt, and wet paper towel)and placed the millipedes in the center of the materials. Then, we recorded the findings. We repeated this process three times per millipede. The conclusion was the millipedes preferred the felt over the sandpaper, cardboard, and wet paper towel.

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