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Abstracts from Friedell Middle School 2007

Friedell Middle School
1200 S Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Joanne Michet

Will a Monarch Caterpillar Eat Anything Besides Milkweed?

Fadumo M

My experiment was about seeing if one monarch caterpillar will eat anything besides milkweed. I did not think it would eat anything else besides milkweed. I fed it a little piece of an apple for three days to see if it ate the apple or the milkweed. When I recorded my results, I got that the caterpillar ate more of the apple than the milkweed. I made my conclusion that caterpillars will eat apples more than milkweed.

Would You Like Sugar With That?

Erica P, Elise L

We wanted to know if there was a difference in the taste preference of male and female monarch butterflies. We wanted to know if the butterflies liked sweeter juice better than less sweet juice. We tested two males and two females. We gave all four butterflies four different kinds of juices every day. We timed how long they would drink each juice. Our results showed that males preferred the juice with the most added sugar and the females preferred medium-sweet juice.

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