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Abstracts from Friedell Middle School 2010

Friedell Middle School
1200 S Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Joanne Michet

Do Monarch Larvae Prefer Light or Dark?

Gillian M

The purpose of this experiment was to see if Monarch larvae prefer light or dark. I thought the Monarch larvae would prefer light because I think the larvae would feel more safe from danger and other things that would come out at night. The procedures I used was that I used two Monarch larvae in a plastic container with equal milkweed leaves on each side of the container. I put one larva in the middle of the container, and shut the lid. On one half of the container it was covered with black paper. My data was that after ten minutes the larva was on the light side on top of the leaf. I repeated the procedure with another Monarch larva, and the data showed that  it was on the light side underneath the leaf. My conclusion is that Monarch larva prefer light over dark.

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