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Abstracts from Galtier Magnet School 2003

Galtier Magnet School
1317 Charles Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

Year: 2003
Teacher(s): Gregory Childs


Xavier C, Trey C, Leo L

We took ambush bugs and gave them each three different sized crickets (small, medium and large) to what size they would eat. The ambush bugs mostly ate small crickets, but sometimes they ate medium sized crickets. They did not eat any large crickets. We think the ambush bugs did not eat the large crickets is because of the crickets leg power. We also learned that they use a straw-like mouth part to eat. We also learned that they would try to catch a large cricket, but they could only hold the small or medium size cricket.

Inside the Ant Hill (Large Display Project)

Keenan S, Seevon Y, James V

View into an ant mound at 18 times the normal size.  Find all four stages the ants go through (egg, larva, pupae and adult).  Also, find the queen among the female worker ants.

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