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Abstracts from Galtier Magnet School 2009

Galtier Magnet School
1317 Charles Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Jaime Dery

Fly Predators

Jacob L, Erik T, Adonai M, Sam V, Ana C

Fly predators or parasitic wasps are the natural predators of the common fly. They are commonly used on farms to control flies. The adult female lays her eggs inside of a fly pupa. When the eggs hatch into larva they live off the fly, pupate and emerge as adults. We wanted to learn more about them and find out if the fly predators would still parasitize fly pupas if they were not in their natural environment on a farm. We tested raw meat, pumpkin and finally we did not add any food to the last container to see if they would survive off of nothing.

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