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Abstracts from Good Shepherd Lutheran 2004

Good Shepherd Lutheran
151 Hwy 42 East
Burnsville, MN 55306

Year: 2004
Teacher(s): Tonya Wolff

Cricket Habitat Preference

Lisa S

For my project I wanted to find out if crickets like a certain kind of habitat more than another. I got a fish tank and filled it with a layer of dirt. Then I put sand, grass, rocks, and dirt, each in a separate corner. I put twenty crickets in the tank with no food, and observed which areas they liked to be in the most. I was unable to count all of them at some times because they hid under the rocks.  My cat broke into the tank and ate most of the crickets, so that ended my project.  I decided that I had enough information, and that I wouldn't have to do it again.

Friends or Foes

Ethan W

My project is about ants. In my experiment I have red ants and black ants in two separate containers. Then later I will take half of each kind of ants and put them in the same container. I will see how they will react together. I will give them the same amount of food and see how they fare.  In my experiment I am trying to see if they will fight or go on with there lives.

How Far Can Crickets Jump?

Tim O

We took some crickets and set them down and measured them. First, we got a ruler and some crickets.  After that we put a ruler by a cricket. Then we tapped by the cricket to make it jump.  Lastly, we measured the jumps.

How Long it Takes for Waxmoths to Eat 1 Foot Long 1 by 6 Piece of Wood.

Scott H, Matt O

In our project we timed how long it takes for waxmoths to eat 1-foot long 1 by 6 piece of wood. We think that the waxmoth will eat the wood in 2 days.  First we cut up wood into 1 inch wide pieces. Second put 1 piece of wood in jar. Then we put 6 waxmoths in two different jars.  Last we time how long it takes for waxmoths to eat all the wood. (All the 1 by 6 pieces.)


How Wax Worms are Addicted to Light

Paris H, Cassandra E

We let the wax worms live in a jar and fed them constantly. The purpose of our experiment was to see how they liked many different colors of light, and to figure out why. We found out that if they like a certain color of light they try to get up to the light and if they don't like the color of the light they try to get as far away from the light as possible.

How Would Crickets Live Under Different Conditions in Different Enviroments.

Ashley R, Kaitlin K

Our experiment was about how crickets would live under conditions in different environments. We used ten adult crickets and ten baby crickets. Then we separated the baby crickets from the adult crickets and then we put them into two different containers. The next day we cut off their hind legs. After that we put the adult crickets into a place where it was dark and the baby crickets in the sunlight. For the next nine days we compared how the adults lived under their circumstances and how the baby crickets lived under their circumstances. The result of our experiment was that the baby crickets lived and lasted better than the adults did under their conditions. We thought that the fact the adults were living in darkness had something to do with the result of our experiment.

Lady Bird Beetles

Cathy B

What foods do ladybugs live longest eating?  First we put the eighteen ladybugs into three separate containers, six in each container. The foods we gave the ladybugs were cheese, celery, and leaves. So far the food the ladybugs have lived longest on were the leaves. We have been charting each day which ladybugs have died each day. Three have died in the cheese container, one on celery, and none on the leaves.

Water Circumstances for Damselfly Nymphs

David B, Evan N

For our experiment we took three groups of Damselflie; we gave two groups a change in their water habitat, while leaving one undisturbed. One group we put salt in and in the other changed group we gave bleach. We are not sure about the way these insects would react. We checked them every day to see if there was any change. If they live long enough we might grow them to be Damselflies.

What Kind of Water do Crickets Survive?

Clay N

Hot water, cold water, or frozen water? We put five crickets in each container; we saw which one it could survive longer.  To get the crickets into the ice cube, we had to freeze them first. They went into shock when we put them into the freezer. In the cold and hot water we were seeing what it could last longer in; it seemed to last longer in the cold water. It was interesting to see what happened in each different kind of water.

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