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Abstracts from Hancock-Hamline Collaborative Magnet School 2011

Hancock-Hamline Collaborative Magnet School
1599 Englewood Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

Year: 2011
Teacher(s): Kelly Gibson

How are the life cycles of mealworms and waxworms from the pet store similar and different?

Maya B, Araeja P

Abstract Our question is how are the lifecycles of wax worms and mealworms from the pet store similar and different? We plan to keep track of their growth over the time period and see how they grow and change. We got our idea from our mealworms in our school science room. We wanted to study similarities and differences, so we thought about insects that resemble mealworms. It we chose was wax worms they both had things that we were interested in.

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