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Abstracts from Hancock-Hamline Collaborative Magnet School 2012

Hancock-Hamline Collaborative Magnet School
1599 Englewood Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

Year: 2012
Teacher(s): Kelly Gibson

Earthworm Leaf Preference

Taina R, Alayna A

We are investigating which leaf (oak or maple) does an earthworm prefer to eat? We are seeing how many days it takes 24 earthworms to eat 6 maple leaves or 6 oak leaves. We are using two bins.  We are putting 24 worms in each bin and we will put 6 oak leaves in one bin and 6 maple leaves in the other, then we will make a chart and keep track of how many days it takes for all the leaves to be eaten. We chose this project, because we have had many questions about worms, and our biggest question was what kind of leaves they prefer?

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