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Abstracts from Highland Elementary 2006

Highland Elementary
1700 Saunders
St. Paul, MN 55116

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Eileen Cotter

Follow that Scent!

Charlie P, Moriya S

Our question is "Do termites have scent preferences when following a trail?"  We will use various scents to mark a trail.  We will then release worker termites onto the start of the trail and observe whether they will follow one trail better than they will follow others.

Great Grandmaggots?

Elijah G, Luis N

Our question is "Can flies live long enough to have great grandmaggots?"  We will start with fly pupa and keep them in a cage until the flies emerge, mate, and lay eggs.  Once the eggs hatch, we will remove them and give the larvae a food source to grow and change to pupa.  We will then put the pupa into another cage and start the process over.  We will do this until the first generation of flies have died.  We are trying to find out how many generations of flies can be alive at once.

Insect Power!

Odiciy M, Ginia L

Our question is:  Which insect has more pulling strength, a hissing cockroach or a bess beetle?  We will attach a string harness to both hissing cockroaches and bess bugs and connect it to a small container that we will gradually add weights to.  The insects will pull the container a certain distance.  We will keep adding weight until the insects can't pull it anymore.  We want to see which of the two insects is the strongest.

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