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Abstracts from Highland Elementary 2011

Highland Elementary
1700 Saunders
St. Paul, MN 55116

Year: 2011
Teacher(s): Amanda Chowen

Maniac Mazes

Lila C, Baily R, Jaeden M, Anna G

Our question is "Which gender of flightless fruit flies go through a maze faster?"  To figure this out we have made a maze to test which gender is faster.  We will let a female in the maze and time it.  We will do the same for the males.

The Great Race

Kira V, Ethan V, Ben C, Lillian R, Kaylee K

Our question is "Which meal worm is more athletic?".  Our tests pit the giant meal worm against the regular size ones.  The tests include:  The Rock Wall, Assisted Race, The Lift, Who Travels Faster, Digging into Oats, Weight Lifting

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