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Abstracts from Horace Mann Elementary 2009

Horace Mann Elementary
2001 Eleanor Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55123

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Rick Olson

The Bat Guano Loving Cockroach

Rob R, Haley F, Noah C, Sydney L, Samantha B, Jack M

We studied the Eublaberus Cockroach.  During our study the question was raised "Will the Eublaberus Cockroach thrive in any other environments?".  We decided to create an experiment to answer the question.  We gathered three different substrates: perlite, coconut shavings, and bat guano.  The cockroaches were put into seperate environments and studied for growth and reproduction.  Many interesting facts about this unique cockroach were discovered from our study.

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