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Abstracts from Kenyon-Wanamingo 2006

400 6th St
Kenyon, MN 55986

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Jeff Wibben

Boy or Girl

Micala V

In our experiment we wanted to find out how different light on the caterpillar affects the sex of an adult butterfly. Each person in our group gave their caterpillars a different light source, one was room light, one was indirect sunlight and the third was in a dark closet. What we found out was that we could not confirm or refute our hypothesis because all of our caterpillars died before they made it to chrysalis. Two things we learned was that we needed a larger sample size so that we can finish the experiment and we would use a timer so that each set of caterpillars would receive the same amount of light and keep them cleaner and give them fresher milkweed.

Identification Please

Lindzey G, Xavia M

In this experiment we wanted to find out if length of the caterpillar determines the gender of the butterfly? We split a container into two sides and put a caterpillar in either side. We observed and measured them until they became a chrysalis and butterfly. We found that the larger caterpillar turned into the larger butterfly. Something that we would change next time would be to use two different containers.

Jammin Caterpillars

Monica V, Jessica W

Our experiment was about music and growth of the caterpillar. We thought that the caterpillars that listened to country music would grow 5mm larger in length than any other music type. In our experiment the caterpillars that listened to country music grew the largest. Things that may have affected our experiment were that we did not start the music when they were eggs because they all hatched at different times and we would make sure that our conditions we be more similar such as the amount of light each group received. Both of these conditions may have affected our outcome.

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