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Abstracts from Lester Park Elementary School 2010

Lester Park Elementary School
504 E 54th Ave
Duluth, MN 55804

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Michael Rentz

Does Air Pollution Affect Milkweed Quality for Monarchs?

Joseph R

Monarchs are not always present in high numbers, even when milkweed populations are good. This study investigates whether air pollution may affect monarchs by lowering the quality of milkweed. Monarchs from Monarchs in the Classroom were divided into two groups, one which ate only milkweed from a polluted site and one which ate only milkweed from a rural site. The monarchs fed the milkweed from the polluted site grew faster and pupated quicker than the monarchs feed the clean milkweed, leading me to conclude that the air pollution did not affect the quality of the milkweed.

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