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Abstracts from Lincoln Elementary 2005

Lincoln Elementary
1961 6th St
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Year: 2005
Teacher(s): Gregory Childs

Diet and mealworm growth

LaRoux D, Aurora Z

We care about this project because we want to see what makes mealworms grow bigger or stay small. The problem we are trying to solve is, how does a different type of food effect the growth of a mealworm? We have five mealworms. We gave four different types of cereal to each mealworm, except for one which will have ground oats. At the end of each day, we measured the length of each mealworm and wrote down what changed about each mealworm.

Do mealworms have the same diet as beetles?

Tiana B, Fiona R

Because we like science and we want to find answers. We wanted to see if mealworms like the same foods as grown-up beetles. We divided foods (lettuce, apple, corn flakes, fruity pebbles, and wheat flour) on two trays and put mealworms on one and beetles on the other. We put them in the middle and then watched which food they would pick. Every five minutes we took data and counted how many were at each food. We think the mealworms and beetles will like different foods.

The Mealworm

Ze T, Kongmong T, Emily M

Wonders of the mealworm, explore the mealworm inside and out as you crawl through a model 185 times life size. Also, witness its metamorphosis through a time laps video. The video captures the larva to pupae transformation and the pupae to adult transformation.

Tiger Beetles Hunting Behavior

Hanh N, Manzi B

Our research project was developed to answer the question, does light and dark affect the tiger beetles when they hunt. We put 10 crickets and 1 tiger beetle in each container, one was light and one was dark. Next, we left them alone for 24 hours. Then we came back in the morning and checked to see how many crickets they ate. We did this experiment for 5 times. After every time we took the tiger beetle out of the container, and recorded the information. Later we add up the total and we found the mean.

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