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Abstracts from Lincoln Elementary 2006

Lincoln Elementary
1961 6th St
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Gregory Childs

Aquatic Insect Scientific Illustration

Manzi B, Hanh N, Aurora Z, Cha V, Tiara P

We made scientific illustrations of aquatic insects. Scientists make illustrations of organisms for taxonomy and identification. The first thing we did was study different aquatic insects under a disecting scope. Then, we made detailed line drawings of the insects on tracing paper over a grid. Finally, we made an ink drawing using a light box an tracing paper.

Aquatic Insects Of Galtier

Tiana B, Sina K, Nora C, Etta S, Desmond S, Bria Y, Demian V, Lyric P

We created a model about aquatic insects we researched in the science lab. The insects and habitat are 20 time larger than life size. We made the habitat split into 2 sections. 1 section is for aquatic insects that live in the lake. The other section is for the stream insects. To indentify different insects,  we also made a field guide about the aquatic insects we researched. The guide includes scientific drawings of the insects, strange behaviors, food, scientific names, and common names.

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