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Abstracts from Battle Creek Elementary 2005

Battle Creek Elementary
60 South Ruth St
St. Paul, MN 55119

Year: 2005
Teacher(s): Michelle DaCosta

Are adults faster learners than kids? Of course they are not.

Gao Zong T, Jalecia U

We used a T-maze to determine if adult Hissing Coach Roaches could learn faster than young roaches the correct direction to turn to obtain food.

Are Birds living Dinosaurs?

Lily B

Many people don’t know that birds are related to dinosaurs. My poster board shows some of the things that show birds are related to dinosaurs.

Black Widow Spiders and their habitats

Veronica Y

I wanted to know what a black widow spider looked like and where it lived. I got information from the Internet and made a model of a black widow spider.

Blue Jays: their nests and food items.

Angel Y, Pada V

We wondered what Blue Jay nests looked like, and what kinds of food they ate. We looked on the Internet and built a model of a Blue Jay nest.

Can Crickets Learn?

Joseph C, Michael P

We put crickets in a maze to see if they could find food. We thought they would get faster at finding the food but they did not.

Tarantulas: What do they eat and why are people afraid of them?

Montez L, Tobias M

We wanted to know what kinds of insects a tarantula would prefer to eat. We also wanted to know why people were afraid of spiders. We got a spider and fed it different types of insects, and also did a survey of students and teachers at our school to find out why people are afraid of spiders.

What do Ant Lion Larvae eat?

Jack J

I fed Ant Lion Larvae different kinds of prey to see what they would eat.

What do honeybees and honeycombs look like?

Olayemi F, Kao Lai L, Jamie V

We wanted to know what honeybees looked like, and also what honeycombs looked like. We looked on the Internet and checked out books from the library to get information on this. We built a model of a honeycomb with bees.

What is it like to be a wolf?

Tommy L

I learned about how wolves live. I learned about wolves when they are pups, how they hunt and how they live in packs. I learned where wolves lived in the past, where they live now, and about the different family names like gray timber wolves and Mexican red wolves. Wolves are important. They keep populations of deer down.

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