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Abstracts from Battle Creek Elementary 2006

Battle Creek Elementary
60 South Ruth St
St. Paul, MN 55119

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Jacob Egge

Dragonfly Nymphs

Jamie V, Shakeela W

Our project is on dragonfly nymphs.  We researched what they eat, how big they get, their life cycle, their predators, and their generation time.  We used the internet and books to gather information.  Dragonfly nymphs eat other aquatic insects and are cannibals.  They undergo metamorphosis like butterflies, but have only three life stages: egg, nymph, and adult.

How far will ants travel to eat?

Keng Kue L, Nick W, Seth W

Our experiment was designed to determine how far ants will go to eat and whether or not different ant species can find food at different distances.  We used both red western harvester ants and black ants we found near our school.  To run the experiment, we put food in a central container connected to tubes of different lengths.  We then put an ant in the tube to see if it would move faster with or without food in the central container.  Results will be discussed.

How far will lady beetles travel to eat?

Angel Y, Kassy M, Jalecia U

Our project is about lady beetles.  We researched information on what they eat and where they live.  We also performed an experiment to see how fast they will travel to get food.  To run the experiment, we used a central container attached to different lenghts of plastic tubes.  We tested to see if the lady beetles would travel faster through the tubes with or without food in the central container.  Results will be discussed.

Untitled Project

Phil N, Pajuaplai V, Taylor S, Royetta W, Savoun T, Amber W, Neron N


Walking Sticks

Tommy L, Joshua D, Tiffani Q

Our project is on walking sticks.  We researched six questions: 1) what is their life cycle? 2)  what is their habitat? 3) what do they eat? 4) how do they defend themselves? 5) what are their predators? and 6) what do walking sticks look like?  We also present a display showing their camouflage abilities.

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