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Abstracts from Little Falls Middle School 2005

Little Falls Middle School
1000 NE 1st Ave
Little Falls, MN 56345

Year: 2005
Teacher(s): Susan Benjamin

Does the dobsonfly larva prefer light or dark?

Tou Y

I studied about the dobsonfly larva. I wanted to know what did it eat. I also wanted to know if it liked the light or the dark. I found out that it stayed in the dark the best. I found out it ate a waterboatman and a scud.

Dragonfly nymphs

Steve V

We went to Beaver Lake to catch underwater insects. We put the insects in a plastic jar and studied about them. One experiment I did about the dragonfly nymphs was to measure how long they were, and try to figure out how many different kinds of nymphs we caught. Last, I figured out that we had three different kinds of nymphs.

How do damselfly nymphs hunt their prey?

Charles L, Tony G

We studied damselfly nymphs. We wanted to find out where do they hide. We wanted to find out what they eat. We did two experiments to answer these questions. We found out that they eat scuds and a little bit of waterboatmen. We found that they hide in the plants.

What does the dobsonfly larva eat and does the dobsonfly larva prefer light or dark?

Keng V

I study about what do dobsonfly eat and what does the dobsonfly prefer the dark or light. I found out that the dobsonfly has eaten 11 water boatmen and 2 scuds. I found out that the dobsonfly prefer the dark more than light.

When do dragonfly nymphs hunt?

Thao Y

I studied the dragonfly nymphs. What I tried to find out was when do dragonfly nymphs hunt for food, night time or day time. Then after doing my experiment my results were that the dragonfly nymphs ate one scud at the night time and seven scuds at day time. So my experiment prove that the dragonfly nymphs that live in Beaver Lake hunt at day time.

Where do aquatic snails live?

Mee X

My animal is an aquatic snail. I’ve been trying to figure out where a under water snail lives ( like where do they hide other than their shell). I did an experiment and I made three places to see where do the snails pick to stay. So far the gilled snails seem to stay in the plants and the pouch snail seem to stay in the clear water.

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