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Abstracts from Little Falls Middle School 2006

Little Falls Middle School
1000 NE 1st Ave
Little Falls, MN 56345

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Susan Benjamin

Aquatic Invertebrates

Jeffrey C, Amanda H, Gao Seng H, Chantel J, Sandie L, Vermul P, Kelsa R, Carter S, Joe V, Blouneu Y

We collected aquatic invertebrates from Beaver Lake in Saint Paul, Minnesota in September and October, 2006. We first tried to identify all of the animals that we collected. Then, we each chose an animal to study and worked in groups to make observations and drawings of our animals. We also generated questions about our animals, and used books, observations and the internet to try to answer these questions. With the guidance of Kevin Williams and his assistants from the Bell Museum, we created circus style posters of our animals. We also created booklets to share with others some of the interesting facts that we learned through our observations and research.

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