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Abstracts from Little Falls Middle School 2007

Little Falls Middle School
1000 NE 1st Ave
Little Falls, MN 56345

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Susan Benjamin

3D Bee

Peng H, Rhiannon C, Rheanna J, Phillip Y, Marlyn A, Matthew K, Sandie L, Toua Ther V, Touathi V

Our project is about honeybees and how they live and their anatomy. On the first day of Bug Club, Kevin Williams from the Bell Museum brought in some bees that we studied and observed and drew them. We also searched on the web and read books to answer our questions we have asked. Our research helped us make our 3-D Bee. We made our 3-D bee with a giant piece of styrafoam carved into a bee. Our classmate, Touather, drew the anatomy of the bee. Kevin brought in some fiber glass that was shaped as bee wings. Our classmates, Touathi and Phillip, made the veins on the wings. The legs were made by Rhiannon and Matt. The legs were made out of cardboard, foam and a lot of masking tape.

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