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Abstracts from Little Falls Middle School 2009

Little Falls Middle School
1000 NE 1st Ave
Little Falls, MN 56345

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Susan Benjamin

Aquatic Invertebrates of Beaver Lake

Kira R, Sean M, Armando S, Ezequiel V, Teng L, Zong Dua L

Our school, Achieve Language Academy, is located on the shores of Beaver Lake in Saint Paul. This fall, we studied the small animals that live in this lake. We first collected buckets of water from several places in the lake. Then, we looked for invertebrates in our water samples. We found lots of interesting creatures! Most of the animals were very small, so we used microscopes to look at them more closely. Groups of four students selected a single animal to focus on. We made observational drawings and did research in books and on the internet. We used our drawings to make models of our animals out of newspaper, tape, tubing, foam, transparent plastic, wire and pipe cleaners. We then painted our models. Our final exhibit will help other people learn about the animals we studied.

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