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Abstracts from Little Falls Middle School 2014

Little Falls Middle School
1000 NE 1st Ave
Little Falls, MN 56345

Year: 2014
Teacher(s): Susan Benjamin

Bess beetle moisture tolerance

Kylee S

We did an experiment on if bess beetles like moist environments or not. Our data was inconclusive. We think this is because that they live in very moist environments because their behavior was indifferent in each container.

Bess bug sound response

Simon P

We measured when and why a bess bug squeaks. We found that it seemed to squeak when it was distressed and/or scared.

Bess Bug Speed

Brandon B

This experiment is about Bess Bugs and how fast they can travel. This experiment is going to measure how fast a bess bug that is 1 inch long and weighs 1.4 to 1.7 grams can travel 1 meter.

How much strength does a Bess Beetle have?

Noah B

I wanted to find out how much weight a bess beetle can pull. So I used paper clips to find out. It can pull 30 paperclips.

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