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Abstracts from Medford Elementary School 2002

Medford Elementary School
104 2nd St NE
Medford, MN 55049

Year: 2002
Teacher(s): Jeannie Ness

Eat, Eat, Eat! Eat Your Treats

Nicole T

I did my project because I wanted to find out if monarch caterpillars would eat different kinds of foods besides milkweed.  I found out that if caterpillars have to, they will eat different kinds of foods.  I liked doing the experiences in my project and I was successful.

Hot Eats or Cool Treats

Katelyn L

I did my experiment because I wanted to find out if monarch caterpillars liked cold milkweed or hot milkweed better.  I picked a lot of milkweed and put it in my freezer.  Then every morning I would put some of the milkweed into the microwave and heated it up for a few seconds and then put it in the cage with the caterpillars.  I would leave it in there for half of the day, at night I would take the hot milkweed out and put in the cold milkweed.  I would leave that in for half of a day. I kept doing this.  A lot of my caterpillars died.  I don't know if they died from the hot milkweed or if they just died for other reasons.  I wish more had lived.

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillars!

Jasmine M

I did my experiment because I wanted to find out if the monarch caterpillars would eat other foods like grapes, lettuce, and maple leaves.  I thought that they would probably eat the food if they were hungry, so I didn't feed them for a while before I gave them the other food to eat.  I thought that caterpillars would probably eat anything that I gave them.

Run Caterpillar Run!


My project was to see how fast a Monarch caterpillar can run.  I set up a course for them and then timed them to see how fast they moved across the table.  I held milkweed in front of them to encourage them.  I chose this project because I could try something new and to learn more about caterpillars.  I had a lot of trouble with the caterpillars when I was getting them ready, but I had a lot of fun with them.

Slurp, Do You Like It?

Blake H, Kasey G

Our experiment was to see what juices monarch butterflies liked the best.  We had to decide which juices to try.  We decided to try orange juice, apple juice, grape Koolaid, and hummingbird nectar. We used dishes with yellow sponges in them to hold the juice.  We took turns sitting next to the butterfly cage for two days to tally which juice they went to.  Some of the butterflies got their wings in the juice and they got their wings all sticky.  It was cool to watch their proboscis come out to drink.

Who Is the Biggest, Girls or Boys?

Benjamin C

I wanted to find out if boy monarchs are bigger than girl monarchs.  I had a little help from my teacher and some friends of mine.  I measured the forewing of the boys and girls with a tool that has millimeters and marked it down on a data sheet.  I measured 23 boys and 21 girls. I learned that when we found the average size, boys were larger than girls.  The hard part was getting the butterflies to cooperate when I was measuring them.  Once in a while they got out of my hands.  Some problems I had were all of my 10 caterpillars died when I took care of them.  Another problem was that I couldn't find a lot of milkweed for them to eat.

Who Rules, Girls or Boys?

Shannon A

I wanted to find out if there are more boy butterflies than girl butterflies.  I thought there would be more boy butterflies.  I counted the butterflies in the cages in our class.  I looked for the dots on the butterflies wings to tell if it was a boy butterfly.  We put numbers on the butterflies to tell which ones I had counted.  I had to keep a tally chart.  I wanted to do a different experiment but almost all of my caterpillars died.

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