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Abstracts from Medford Elementary School 2004

Medford Elementary School
104 2nd St NE
Medford, MN 55049

Year: 2004
Teacher(s): Jeannie Ness

Bigger is Better

Gillian N

I did my project to find out if the amount of food would affect the size and shape of the chrysalis and butterfly. My hypothesis was that I thought that it would, and that if I fed a caterpillar more food it would grow faster and be much larger. My procedure: I fed them differently. One tub I fed 2 ½ leaves with 7 caterpillars. The other tub was 8 caterpillars with 1 ½ leaves. I fed them for about 3 weeks, until I ran low on milkweed. Soon I came to my conclusion, that I was wrong. It does not matter if they have more or less food. They all eat at different paces. They all grow faster as they eat

Do Males or Females Emerge Sooner?

Blake P

In my experiment I was trying to see how long it would take for a monarch caterpillar to turn into a chrysalis. Then to see how long it takes a chrysalis to turn into a monarch butterfly. Finally I wanted to see if it took longer for a male or a female. At first I waited for them to turn into its chrysalis. I fed and cared for them in the same way. Then I waited some more for the chrysalis to turn into a monarch butterfly. Finally, when they emerged I kept a journal. I found out that it does not matter if it was a male or female. It took 13 days to turn into the monarch butterfly. If I ever did this again, I would just see if there was a difference in size between male or female butterflies.


Hot or Cold?

Summer O

My experiment tried to answer the question: Does the temperature of the chrysalis affect the size of the butterfly? First I fed the caterpillars the same amount of food until they were in their chrysalis. When they were in their chrysalis I put 1 in the freezer for 1 hour, 1 in the refrigerator for 3 hours, 1 in mild temperature all of the time, and 2 under a heating lamp for 1 day.  When they came out I measured them. I found out that the warmer it was the bigger the butterfly. I also found that when it was freezing, it dies. I would change my experiment by making sure they all get more of the same amount of food because some weren’t getting as much food.

Limited Food

Grant N

My experiment is about how long a caterpillar can live with limited food.  I did it by giving the first group of five caterpillars all they could eat while I fed the other group of seven a limited amount of milkweed.  I found out that most of the larvae died after about seven days when I gave them limited amounts of food.  If I did this experiment again I would have fed them more because all of mine died including my butterfly, which came too early because it was still part larva so it died.  I also could have had more milkweed to feed the larvae. Because I had too little milkweed, I had to feed them the inside of the shell pod. I found out that they did not like that as much as regular milkweed.

Living Lonely Growing Slowly

Emma H

My experiment was to see if a caterpillar that lived by itself would have smaller or bigger wings than caterpillars that were living together. I was raising 9 other butterflies to compare to Frizz and Frizz’s wings. Along the way as they were growing up I took many pictures and compared them. After about 3 weeks all of my caterpillars were in their chrysali. Frizz was very small when he went into his chrysalis. When the other nine came out they were all about 4 inches. When Frizz came out he was only about 3.25 inches! I think the reason is, he was alone and didn’t have to rush in eating. If I were to do something differently I would have done one in one cage, then two in another cage, and then three in another cage to see if they or smaller or bigger as they went.

What Will Monarchs Eat?

Jessica O

My experiment was do monarchs eat any other food than milkweed? I wanted to do this question because I have always been curious if monarchs eat any other food than milkweed. How I did it was I took away their milkweed for about four hours because I figured they would be hungry. I gave them a lot of grass and just some tree leaves. They wouldn’t eat any of the leaves I gave them. So I found out that monarchs need their milkweed. What I would do differently or what I would change next time is I would probably do a different question on how the weather affects monarchs and I would put some of the monarchs under a big light bulb and see how it affects the caterpillars.

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