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Abstracts from Medford Elementary School 2006

Medford Elementary School
104 2nd St NE
Medford, MN 55049

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Jeannie Ness

Male or Female

Male or Female

Allison R

I wanted to find out if there were more female or male monarch butterflies. I counted all of the butterflies raised in the1st grade classes.

Sour or Sweet Treats

Samantha S

I got three monarch butterflies when they were four days old. I wanted to find out to see which fresh fruit they pefer. I had nine different fruits for them to choose from.

To Disturb or Not to Disturb

Deanna K

Abstract: I was wondering if monarch caterpillars would be disturbed by water, radio, talking, blowing, or sharp clapping. I tested the caterpillars twice.


Shae N

I wanted to see what color of sugar water do monarch butterflies like.

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