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Abstracts from Medford Elementary School 2009

Medford Elementary School
104 2nd St NE
Medford, MN 55049

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Jeannie Ness

A Flutter in Time

Jessi D

I was going to play different types of music to the the caterpillars and chrysalis to see which group of butterflies emerged from the chrysalis first. but all of my caterpillars died. So I thoroughly researched the monarch life cycle instead. I went through many books, and used the Internet to find my information.

Male vs. Female

Michael K

I planned to raise monarch caterpillars to find out how many males and females emerged from the chrysali in the fall. I raised 6 caterpillars, but they all died so I asked the teachers in my school who were raising caterpillars in their classrooms to help me. I made a recording sheet to record the butterflies that emerged and gave them to each teacher. After all the caterpillars emerged I was able to tally up how many males and females there were.  The totals were 13 males and 18 females. I found out that more females emerged than males.

What Butterflies Eat

William S

I had two butterflies to start off with. I put them in a cage with watermelon, grapes, cantalope, and pineapple. They ate a lot of food. I watched the butterflies. The one butterfly liked the watermelon a lot more than anything else. The other butterfly liked the grapes better. A couple of days passed and one butterfly died. The other butterfly died after two weeks.

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