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Abstracts from New London Spicer Middle School 2015

New London Spicer Middle School
101 4th Ave SW
New London, MN 56273

Year: 2015
Teacher(s): Laura Molenaar

Monarch Clean!

Miller H

I cleaned out one of the monarch cages more than the others. I cleaned out one of the other cages how I normally clean out the cages and I didn’t clean out the other cage at all. I did this project because I wanted to see if a clean environment affects the amount of time it takes for a monarch to pupate. My project concluded hypothesis number one. The monarch in the clean cage will pupate the fastest. I was wondering if I would find different results if I collected the monarchs out of the wild? I have learned that monarchs can make chrysalises on the milkweed leaves instead of on the top.

Reared or Wild?

Hope A, Grace A

We wondered if the monarchs we were raising from eggs laid by reared adults would be healthier than those laid by wild adults. We raised 15 monarchs from each of the two rearing treatments, recording date the eggs hatched, behaviors, pupation date, and when they eclosed. We also recorded any that died. Hypothesis 1 was supported by our investigation, the reared monarchs will have higher mortality.

Silence is ... black, yellow, and white

Natalie D

My question was: Does music affect the time the monarchs pupate? I got the idea while listening to music in the car and taking my monarchs to show my grandma. First I put one rearing container on top of the radio, I put one in a silent room and one in the living room/dining room area where there is a lot of activity. I cleaned the cages everyday and recorded behavior and size, without handling the larvae. Then I recorded the dates each monarch pupated.

Some like it hot, some like it cold, some.....

Ian C, Micah T, Isaiah W

We raised caterpillars in ice chests that were at different temperatures to see if it would affect their mortality or the rate they grow.  Our investigation supported Hypothesis 2, cold temperatures caused the most mortality in the monarchs. We wondered if the humidity in the ice chests affected the monarchs and why we had some very small pupa?   We learned that monarchs aren't negatively affected by the hot temperatures that averaged 88 degrees.

The Plant Solution

Josh P

Will aquatic plants affect the mortality and behavior rates in the Aquatic Amphipod (Scud) in the presence of the chemical Irgasan?  I answered this question because I’ve tested mortality and behavior rates of the Scud in the past. I wanted to find a way to neutralize the chemical.  I tested three  types of plants Bulrush, Duckweed, and Coon’s-Tail in three levels of concentration of chemical.  I introduced each Scud to water with chemical at certain levels for 3 days, gathering data everyday.  This process is repeated for necessary number of trials.  My project uses basics to solve a problem.  I used photosynthesis to clean the water and keep the Scud alive.  If I do a project like this again I would test predators for Irgasan.

To Freeze Or Not To Freeze?

Eleanor W, Averi P

We got caterpillars and we fed them different temperature milkweed. We wanted to see what the milkweeds effect on the caterpillar would be when it froze or got colder. The hypothesis that supported our investigation was hypothesis 1. We weren’t sure why the first batch of monarchs we raised died. We ran the investigation again the same way. Did the milkweed change in nutrition when it is a different temperature? We learned that when milkweed freezes most of the monarch caterpillars would die off, because they wouldn’t eat it.

Voliets are blue daisies are yellow

Wesley L

I wanted to know if monarch butterflies preferred a color or type of flower. I put a monarch in a cage for a minute and took it out 10 times. They preferred the yellow flowers overall. What I was uncertain about was why most of them didn’t eat. I learned that they liked the yellow flowers more.

What you gonna do with that insect spray?

Jordan P, Kiarra H, Abby V

We took monarch caterpillars and held them and sprayed bug spray on our hands. We were looking for monarch caterpillars behavior and death. When infected by insect spray. Our results were that some monarch caterpillars threw up green stuff. Why did some monarch caterpillars face mortality then others didn’t. Monarch caterpillars do not like insect spray. That monarch caterpillars want to run away from the insect spray.

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