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Abstracts from Plymouth Middle School 1999

Plymouth Middle School
10011 36th Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55448

Year: 1999
Teacher(s): Sandi Anderson

What Do Monarch Caterpillars Like Best on Their Leaves: Coke, Sunny Delight, or Sugar Water?

Erin B

In my experiment I test to see if monarch caterpillars minded if a liquid was put on their leaves. I was trying to figure out if it would make a difference in which one they chose. I found out they do not like sugar water and that they didn't mind Coca Cola or Sunny Delight. An error I made was that I should have used more larva. Two things I learned are that caterpillars like dry leaves and that they eat a lot more when they are in the fifth instar.

What is the Average Weight of a Monarch Butterfly?

Kevin M

For my project I took monarch butterflies and weighed each one and recorded the information. I wanted to see what a monarch butterfly weighs. I put them in an envelope and then weighed. I weighed the empty envelope. I subtracted and found out what the butterfly weighed.  I averaged all the weights.  One problem I had weights ranging from 70 to 80 grams. One problem I had was that our scale was dropped and maybe it wasn't weighing accurately. I learned that monarchs are very light and that they don't like to be in an envelope.

What Reaction Does a Caterpillar Have When Touched With Wet Fingers?

Katie D

In my experiment I wanted to know what would happen if a monarch caterpillar was touched by some thing wet.  My purpose was to see the reaction and behavior of the caterpillar.  My results were that they either turned away or curled up.  My uncertainty was in having enough time to gather data.  Our caterpillars turned into a chrysalis before I had time to test as many as I wanted.  I would also like to have had time to test third, fourth and fifth instars and compare them to see if the instar mad a difference.  I learned that butterflies eat juice from fruits and nectar from flowers.  I learned about the life cycle of the monarch and about metamorphosis.

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