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Abstracts from Plymouth Middle School 2001

Plymouth Middle School
10011 36th Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55448

Year: 2001
Teacher(s): Sandi Anderson

Are There More Male or Female Monarchs?

Davi N

I compared the male and female monarchs raised on Team Z at Plymouth Middle School during the years 1998-2001 to the ones my teacher tagged from the wild in 2001.   I wanted to know if there are more male or female monarch butterflies.  I found out that most years there were more females, except in the year 2001 there was almost an even number of each.  The wild population showed there were more males.  I only used one years data from the wild.  I would like to have more data for my comparison.

Are There More Male or Female Monarchs?

Kristine N, Vanessa R

In our project we tried to find out if there were more male or female monarchs.  We looked at the monarchs raised at Plymouth Middle School on Team Z in the years 1998 through 2001. We found that there were more females than males in all years except 2001.  In 2001 there were slightly more males than females.  We know that students helped gather some of the data and so there might be some errors if they didn't identify males and females correctly, however the teacher and many students were checking the monarchs as they were tagged.  We also didn't look at the monarchs that had deformed wings or that died in the chrysalis. We learned a lot about the importance of accurate data collection.  We also learned how to identify male and female monarchs.

Do Monarchs Prefer Juice or Kool-aid?

Natalie J, Stephanie G

In our experiment we took three flavors of juice and kool-aid and tested many butterflies on them. Our purpose was to see if they liked juices or kool-aid better.  With our results we found that they prefered kool-aid better.  We tested many different butterflies over several days.  Our only uncertainty was that some of the butterflies did not drink.  I learned that experiments can be frustrating some times and that organizing data takes a lot of time.

What is a Monarch's Favorite Fruit?

Hannu W

I conducted my experiment to find the food preference of monarchs.  I fed them apple juice, grape juice, smushed apples and smushed grapes.  I observed them eat.  They ate smushed grapes the most, smushed apples second grape juice third, and apple juice the least.  My conclusion is that they liked smushed fruit the best and that they liked grapes better than apples.  I would like an opportunity to study more butterflies over a longer period of time.

Which Monarchs Weigh More, Males or Females?

Abby S, Ashley N

For our project we compared male and female monarch butterfly weights.  We wanted to know if males or female monarchs weighed more, or if they weighed the same.  The results that we found were that males weigh slightly more than females.  One uncertainty is that we weighed seventeen males and only fifteen females.  Our results might vary if we used more monarchs.  Two things we learned are how to record data and how to tell males from females.

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