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Abstracts from Plymouth Middle School 2002

Plymouth Middle School
10011 36th Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55448

Year: 2002
Teacher(s): Sandi Anderson

Are Monarchs Picky Eaters?  Do They Like Liquids or Solids Better?

Alison F

In my experiment I wanted to see if monarchs liked liquids or solids better.  It turned out that they liked the liquids and solids the same.  The fruits we tested were bananas, oranges, apples, and grapes.  We used the same fruit juices.  Some things that went wrong and may have influenced our data are that some times the monarchs wouldn't eat when we wanted them to.  We didn't always know if they were hungry or not and that may have influenced our data.  Two things I learned in this experiment are that monarchs like fruits and solids about the same.  I also learned that monarchs eat when they want to.  They eat many types of fruits and fruit juices which will help them on their migration.

Will Color Make a Difference in What a Monarch Chooses?

Dana W

In my experiment, I tested monarchs to see if they are attracted to colors or if they prefer flavors.  In my experiment, I used the colors red, white, and blue.  I gave monarchs liquids on colored cotton balls.  On one set I put colored sugar water.  On the other I put colored fruit juice.  I found out that monarchs prefer juice over colored water. In the time span of 20 minutes they tried colored water on the cotton once.  They ate the juice cotton balls 8 times.  I think this shows that monarchs like juice over colored water.  It may have been random choice, but I think they liked the juice more.  I was trying to see if they liked certain colors more.  I found that they ate from the blue cotton balls the most often.  I would like to have tested more monarchs to see if the results were the same.

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