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Abstracts from Plymouth Middle School 2007

Plymouth Middle School
10011 36th Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55448

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Sandi Anderson

Crickets! Do They Party When the Lights Go Out?

Jenni W, Caitlin W

Our project is, Crickets! Do They Party When the Lights go Out? We wanted to see when crickets are the most active, in the night or day, and collect the data. Our hypothesis was, If they are more active in the light, then they will not move around as much because it is not as warm in the low light as it is in the bright light. We found out that our crickets were more active in the light. 

Do crickets have a favorite color?

Kayla H

I did a science project on what color crickets seemed to prefer and to look at their favorite habitat. I was interested in this experiment because it seemed like a lot of fun. My results were different than what I thought they would be.   Each day I tested my hypothesis by recording the color of the paper or the color of the nature item the cricket was on.  I used two plastic containers.  In the vibrant colored container, I used blue, pink, and yellow card stock paper and the same colored rocks.  In the natural colored habitat container, I used sticks (brown), leaves (green), and fluff (white), with coordinating colored card stock paper. During my experiment an incident happed…the crickets got loose!!!  I caught them and that was the end of that. My results I think really give you a second thought on crickets… they are somewhat like people-they have favorite colors too! They liked pink the best out of the vibrant color box and they liked the color of fluff from the natural color box.



Insect Eye Anatomy

Adam S

I think insects eye's are very interesting in they work. I am interested in studying the eyes of the honeybee and the dragonfly. I am also interested to see if their eyes work the same or differently.

Monarch Butterflies - why are they insects?

Jordan G

I knew that a monarch was an insect, but I could only see four legs. So I wanted to know more about insects and how so many different bugs could all be insects.  There is a lot of difference between a butterfly and a dragonfly. So what do they all have in common?  I did some research to explain just how a monarch butterfly is classified as an insect.

What is it that makes a cricket an insect?

Tanner B

 I wondered what made crickets insects. I already knew that insects have legs and do not have live birth.  They also have a head, a thorax, and an abdomen. I wanted to find out why crickets are considered insects.  I first fed and cared for crickets, then did some research about them as an insect.  I searched The Internet to see if I could find what characteristics different crickets have.    I found that crickets and most other insects have wings and other similar body parts. 

Which bugs eyes are the strongest?

Lucy K

In this experiment I wanted to know which bugs eyes were the strongest. The bugs I picked to research are:  dragonflys, monarch butterflys, and cicadas. I picked these bugs because I love all kinds of bugs and I thought it would be very fun to know which bug has the strongest eyes. After comparing my information, I thought that the dragonfly has the strongest eyes. The cicada had the second strongest eyes. finally, the butterfly had the third strongest eyes. I learned many cool facts about these three bugs. I had so much fun doing this research and I hope that I will be able to do more soon. 

By Lucy Kaufman

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