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Ecology Fair University of Minnesota Monarch Lab

Abstracts from Ramsey International Fine Arts Center 2008

Ramsey International Fine Arts Center
1 West 49th St
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): Alma De Anda

Fighting Crickets

Elena K, Lilly M, Isabella G, Cindy U

We wanted to observe insect  behavior. We decided to observe aggressive/territorial behavior by matching 3 sets of 2 Polynesian fighting crickets to determine which cricket was dominant, and also observe what behaviors they exhibited to become dominant.

Off to the Races: Hissing Cockroach Racing!

Bryant C, Chris C, Luis A, Kentrell A

We wanted to determine if size affected how fast cockroaches could move, and possibly escape predation or adverse environmental conditions. We conducted 3 separate trials of races with 6 different cockroaches and measured how long it took each cockroach to move across a race track we made. Our smallest cockroach was the fastest, but overall size did not affect how fast a cockroach could run.

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