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Abstracts from Riverview Specialty School 2004

Riverview Specialty School
1400 93rd Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55444

Year: 2004
Teacher(s): Larry Golyer, Sue Roth

Common or Swamp Milkweed

Jessica B, Kelly A

We wondered if monarch larvae would grow more with swamp or common milkweed. We kept 2 containers of larvae and fed each container either common or swamp milkweed. We measured how much food was eaten and how long the larvae were.

Do Larvae do Better in a Light or Dark Environment?

Hanna H, Meghana P

Do Monarch Larvae do Better in Warm or Cool Environments?

Light or Dark?

We decided to find out if caterpillars would grow better in a dark or light container. We covered show boxes with light paper or dark paper and recorded the growth of both groups.

Monarch Length of Life

Wesley E, Mike M

We wondered if temperature would impact the length of time a monarch spent in its different life stages. We put one container under a grow light and another container was kept in regular temperature.

Monarchs and Their Environment

Justin M, Josh D, Amar R

We wondered how the monarch life cycle would work in warm conditions. We thought the monarch would die in the chrysalis if the temperature was warm. We raised larvae under a grow light and observed what happened at the larval and chrysalis stage.

Raising Monarchs

Rachel R, Tera G, Sheng X

Our question was: How do butterflies stay safe? We raised monarchs and observed them over time to see how they reacted to different situations.

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