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Abstracts from Skyview Community School 2004

Skyview Community School
1100 Heron Ave N
Oakdale, MN 55128

Year: 2004
Teacher(s): Lori Forkner

Amazing Chompers

Lydia G, Tierney S

In our experiment we asked if monarch caterpillars prefer to eat leaves dipped in water, milk, fruit punch, pineapple juice, or sugar water. We dipped the milkweed in different liquids and put them in a cage of 28 caterpillars. They prefer the normal milkweed, but when the normal is gone they go to the others.

Do Not Disturb

Julian K

During this experiment I used 4 caterpillars. I wanted to find out how long it took for monarch caterpillars to go back to eating after being disturbed. First, I touched the caterpillars to see how they reacted. They returned to eating after about two second. Then I picked up the caterpillars and moved them to the other side of the leaf. Three out of four returned to the original spot to eat. The fourth one remained where I placed it.

Eat in the Light or Eat in the Dark

Kevin J

Eat in the light or eat in the dark. My question is do caterpillars eat more in the light than in the dark? I found out that caterpillars would rather eat in the light more than in the dark. I started out with 10 caterpillars then 4 died and 1 chrysalis did not make it. They probably think it is safer to eat in the light.

Favorite Foods

Michael N

What do monarch butterflies prefer to eat? The materials I used were two sponges, a pot of mums, hummingbird nectar, kool aid, and five monarch butterflies. I put a tally mark under the nectar type whenever a monarch butterfly went on one of the nectars.

Got Milkweed?

Hannah I

Do monarch caterpillars eat any other foods than milkweed? I used four caterpillars. I tried to feed them peeled orange slices and lettuce. I found that the caterpillars suck on the orange, and they don't even go near the lettuce.

Monarch Butterflies

Jordan J

For my experiment I investigated how much a monarch carry. I did this by placing the lead from a pencil on the back of the butterfly. I tried this on a male and a female butterfly. I found they would not fly so I did not find the answer at all.

Stay Away from the Light

Connor S

Does heat or light affect the direction of the pre-pupal "J"? First I put a light on 6 caterpillars about to turn into the "J" shape. Next, I left the light on through the whole day. Then when I got home I observed. Finally, I found the answer. I learned that most of the caterpillars formed their ā€œJā€ away from the light.

The Answer is Black and White

Molly Z

I wanted to know if caterpillars prefer to eat on a black background or a white background. I put a leaf on the black background and put a leaf on the white background. I allowed the caterpillar to choose its leaf. I used two caterpillars and repeated the experiment sixteen times. My research showed that they preferred the white background to the black background.

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