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Abstracts from South High School 2016

South High School
3131 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Year: 2016
Teacher(s): Kate Rosok

How are the fall phenophases of trees at South High and Corcoran Park different?

Lissette L, Asva M, Layla M

We studied the percent of falling leaves of trees at South High and at Corcoran Park. Our species were Norway Maple and Green Ash. I predicted several possibilities of the maples’ falling leaves: 1) the trees would have some differences at South High and at Corcoran park; 2) major differences between South High and Corcoran Park; null: same percentage at both sites. As a result, the percent of falling leaves of the Norway Maple were similar. We learned that the maples at these different locations don't have different timing for their leaves to fall. The percentage of colored leaves of the Green Ash were similar. We learned that the Green Ash at these different locations don’t have different timing for their leaves to change color.TBD

How do the fall phenophases compare for Norway and Sugar Maples?

Brian S, Gabe M, Kendra L

We collected data from a city park in Minneapolis, with a sample size of 4 sugar maple trees and 6 Norway maple trees to analyze which maple species has more advanced phenophases. Our data portray that sugar maples are phenologically more advanced than Norway maples.TBD

What affects fall phenophase variation?

Luis G, Mumtaz M

We want to know how long it took the leaves and fruit to fall; also if the fruit fall depends on the leaf fall. The results were different from my predictions. The two questions we investigated didn't rely on one another. They fell at different times and in different amounts. Leaves fell more than fruits and still continue to fall. The fruits fell rapidly then just stopped falling. We wonder what exactly controls when fruits and leaves fall.

What affects the fall phenophases of Sugar Maple Trees?

Veronica G, Ivan Q, Tinsae M

We studied the percentage of falling leaves on the sugar maple trees at Corcoran Park. We wondered if the low temperature or the hours of daylight affected when the leaves changed colors. 


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