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Abstracts from South Point Elementary 2008

South Point Elementary
1900 13th St SE
East Grand Forks, MN 56721

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): Laurie Arnason


Gareth S, Sophie G, JoHanna B

For our experiment we wanted to find out if ants had food preferences. We tested ants by making a T-maze out of 2 foot tubing which connected to two cups. We tried comparing cheese, cheetos, hamburger, and sugar in all possible combinations. We timed the ants in the maze for a period of one hour, making observations at the stop of the timer every five minutes, recording behavior. We found out that they preferred cheese over cheetos with ants going both directions and sugar over hamburger. We also found out that their was absolutely no preference to hamburger at all. The ants seemed to like sugar and cheese best from our results.

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