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Abstracts from Breck School 2014

Breck School
123 Ottawa Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55422

Year: 2014
Teacher(s): Lisa Hunninghake

Where do birds of a feather flock together?

Chloe C, Joshua G, James H, Petra L, Alison M, Romy P, Oliver P, William S, Kimi T, Lauren T, Reese W

As the Breck Birders were birding Friday mornings on the school campus last summer, they wondered in which habitat they would spot the largest variety of bird species; the marsh, woods, or pond? Or would there be a difference? If there was a difference, what components did that habitat have to offer that made it attractive to birds? Students gathered data on their Friday morning birding excursions to investigate what habitat attracts the greatest variety of species. They took bird counts in each area and observed each environment to determine what might attract birds to that location. The initial hypothesis was the woods as the habitat where we would see the largest variety of species, but did our data prove otherwise?

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