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Abstracts from Washington Technology Magnet MS 2015

Washington Technology Magnet MS
1041 Marion St
St. Paul, MN 55117

Year: 2015
Teacher(s): Joseph Wenzel

What species stay in the lawn & forest through the change of seasons?

Natali J, Dalton A, Rosemary R, Erik M, Phoebe P

What kind of organisms are living in the lawn and the forest behind our school? We did this because we wanted to see the organism changes during different months/ seasons. Aboutonce a month we went outside to the forest and the lawn and recorded the organisms we saw. Then once we had our lists we separated theplants-animals-fungi and compared lists . In October, we found10 Animals/20 Plants/0 Fungi on the lawn/edge and 11 Animals/7 Plants/ 2Fungi in the forest. In November, we found 8Animals/10 Plants/0 Fungion the lawn/edge, and 6Animals/6Plants/ 2Fungiin the forest. Wefound more species overall in the lawn/edge section because lawn species as well as forest species (from the edge) were observed. We found more species in October because many were either hibernating or migrating by November. It seems like more plant species live on the lawn/edge, more animal species live in the forest, and more fungus species in the forest.

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