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Abstracts from Willow Creek Middle School 2009

Willow Creek Middle School
2425 11th Ave SE
Rochester, MN 55604

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): De Cansler, Erin Vasquez

5 Days, 5 Foods

Ariel D, Jasmine S

In our experiment we looked at what foods crickets will eat and which foods the ate more of.  We will place one food from each of the five food groups in a ten gallon tank.  We will use for grain a piece of bread and for meat some ground hamburger, for fruit we will use an apple, and for vegetable and dairy we will use a potato and cheese.  We will place 25 crickets in the tank and do the experiment for 5 days.  We will put equal amounts of foods in the tank.  We believe that because apples and potatoes are natural foods that crickets can easily have access and maybe feed off of a majority of the apples and the potatoes the most.  Other variables we considered that we could try after the experiment are using more crickets an different foods.  We expect that we will learn about which foods crickets will eat and which foods they will eat but prefer over others.

Color Buffet

Jacque K

What I am going to do for the insect fair project is take six larvae and put three into one of the container and three into a different container. And with three in one container I am going to put purple milkweed to see if they like that. And with the other three I am going to put regular green milkweed and see which milkweed the larvae prefer more the purple or the green.

I will keep switching the milkweed kind to see which one they like more over the other. But when the larvae grow into monarchs I will try something different. Different as in I will take the butterflies and use different juice to see which flavor and color they like better. And what I come to get out of this is gain of knowledge. If this doesn’t work I will simply try over again.

Control of Varroa Mites in Honeybee Hives

James J

In this project I will test which treatment for varroa mites on honeybees is better: regulear powdered sugar or chemical strips. The conclusions are still pending in this project. One uncertainty in this project is if the strips make the hive unhealthy the sugar may be the best for the hives. Another uncertiany is the temputure over the time of the project. I leared that the bees are alot less active at night than in the day. I also leared the strips may be a factor in the increased death rate of the bees on the strip sticky paper. 

Spitting Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers spit regurgitated grass out when protecting themselves.  What types of objects will make grasshoppers spit?  Emily thinks they will spit the most when they hear loud noises.  Natalie thinks they will spit the most when they hear loud noises.  Our null hypothesis is that nothing will make them spit. The variables we are going to do are pick the grasshopper up, put something in front of it, splash water on it, drop it from 3 feet of height, make a loud noise, and shine light onto the grasshopper. Our materials are 20 grasshoppers, a plastic cup, water, a large book, and a flashlight. Our procedure is to first pick up one grasshopper. Then we record what the grasshopper does when it is picked up. After that we repeat the first two steps with each different variable. Then we analyze all our results.

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