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Abstracts from Amery Middle School 2000

Amery Middle School
501 Minneapolis Ave S
Amery, WI 54001

Year: 2000
Teacher(s): Zoe Thouin-Rochester

Female's Behavior When a Male is Introduced

Amanda M

In this experiment, we wanted to find out if in a cage of females, a males presence would change the female's behavior. We were interested in this problem because we had seen another school do this experiment with males, not females. Our hypothesis is that the females would fly away from the male because the male in the instigator in mating.  We learned that the male's presence does affect the female's behavior.

Honey Water Preferences of Adult Monarchs

Vedran U

We wanted to find out how the sweetness of honey water affected the monarch's feeding choices. We were interested in the problem because we don't know if the butterflies would prefer sweeter nectar over a less sweet one. Our hypothesis is that monarchs will choose the sweetest nectar. We found that monarchs preferred the less sweet nectar the most.

Monarchs:  Who's Bigger?

William A

In this experiment, we tested which sex, male or female, had a larger weight, antennae length, and forewing length. We were interested in this experiment because it told us more about the different sexes. Our hypothesis was that males would be bigger in all of our tests. We learned that males had a larger weight and antennae length, and females had a longer forewing length.

The Effect of Different Magnet Strength on Monarch

Amanda G

We took different strengths of magnets and waved them over each monarchs body.  The reason we did this was to mess up their magnetic field so they could not fly in their migration pattern to the southwest.  Our results were that they were never able to fly immediately after we exposed them to magnets.  After recovering for about two minutes, the monarchs were able to fly but not in the southwest direction.  I would still like to find out if the monarchs would stay magnetized or if they would be messed up for their whole migration and not be able to fly or not fly at all. I learned that when you wave different strengths of magnets around different monarchs bodies, it makes their magnetic fields get messed up so they may not be able to fly.  Also, as we waved different strengths of magnets around two of the butterflies, they went into some kind of shock form all the magnets being waved around them.

What Juices Monarchs Prefer

Sam E

In this experiment, we tested juice preferences of monarchs. We were trying to determine if they had a preference when offered orange Juicy Juice, orange Kool-Aid, and orange Gatorade. We found that they preferred Juicy Juice over the other two choices. Our conclusion that monarchs prefer Juicy Juice might have some error because the students in this group might not have recorded the exact seconds or the monarchs might not have been eating the whole time. Also, the sponges might not have had the same amount of liquid on them. Two things I learned were that monarchs like Juicy Juice and that they can eat for a really long time.

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