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Abstracts from Other 2005

(Various), MN

Year: 2005
Teacher(s): Shane Hagstrom, Alison Miller, Annette Strom

Milkweed or Maple? Will Monarchs eat only milkweed?

MiKayla H, Sydney L, Caitlyn E

Monarchs on the Move

Lindsey S, Sarah S

In October, 2005 we collected migrating monarchs in the Central Flyway of Texas at Garner State Park, Uvalde County, Texas.  We measured their vital statistics, tagged the monarchs, and conducted directional flight studies as we released the butterflies. 

The Amateur's Guide To Mosquitoes

Matthew U, Carrie W, Greta K, Alyson L, Zak H, Midgy S, Amanda M, Eva S

   A group panel display with magnified 3-D insects about the life cycle, bites and diseaeses spread by mosquitoes. 

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