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Abstracts from Other 2015

(Various), MN

Year: 2015
Teacher(s): Karla Bisco

Big or Little?

Katya U, Victoria O

In our after school class we observed false death head cockroaches  We noticed that some of the cockroaches were big and some were small.  This made us wonder if the size of the cockroach made the cockroaches burrow more or less.

Cockroach Eating Habits

Bahja C, Terriann C

During an after school class we noticed that none of the cockroaches were on the food source.  This made us wonder what types of food they would like to eat. 

Hot or Cold?

Lenora K, Apromise W

This fall we observed false death head cockroaches.  We noticed that many were digging under the substrate.  This made us wonder if the temperature affected whether the cockroaches burrowed more or less.  

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