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Abstracts from Other 2018

(Various), MN

Year: 2018
Teacher(s): Karla Bisco

Light vs Dark

Ethan D, Lynda K, Klara K, Jack B

This fall we observed our plant wall.  We noticed there was not a lot light shining on the plants.  This observation made us wonder how they grow with the amount of light they are receiving.  We posed the question: How does the amount of light affect the height of the plant. To test our question we put plants in different amounts of light and collected data.


With or Without Companions?

CeCe K, Melissa G

This fall we observed cockroaches.  We noticed that the cockroaches behaved one way when they were alone in a petri dish compared to with all the other cockroaches in the tub.  This observation made us wonder if the number of cockroaches in a bin affects the behaviors. To test our question we set up bins with different amounts of cockroaches in each one and collected data.

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