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Abstracts from Immaculate Conception School 2005

Immaculate Conception School
4030 Jackson St NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Year: 2005
Teacher(s): Kristie Rieger

Cricket Crazy

Aaron S

   I was trying to find out which food would keep crickets alive longer. I wanted to know this to find out what you should get to feed your crickets. I was also curious. My hypothesis was that crickets in the dog food container would live longer, because the dog food was in bigger chunks and probably had more nutrients.

   I put ten crickets in each container and fed them both with carrots and water. One of the containers also had cricket food in it. The other containter had smashed up dog food in it.

   I did not support my hypothesis, which was that crickets with dog food would live longer. Two crickets in the cricket food container lived and only one in the dog food container lived. There wasn't a big difference between the two containers, so I can't say that I supported my hypothesis.

Cumbia vs. Merengue

Maria R

   My purpose was to see if music affected how long monarch larvae would survive. The music was Cumbia and Merengue and there was one container with no music. My hypothesis was that the one with no music was going to survive the longest because it had nothing to disrupt it. My other hypothesis was that the one with larvae that were listening to cumbia was going to survive the second longest because it has a slower rhythm than merengue. My last hypothesis was that merengue was the last one to survive because it has a much faster rhythm than cumbia.

   My procedure was actually very simple. All you had to do was get fifteen monarch larvae and put five in each container. Label one container no music, one container cumbia, and one container merengue. Put the container labeled no music in an area where it will not be exposed to any music. Take the cumbia container and play that music for an hour. Then take the merengue container and play that kind of music for an hour. Weigh your larvae every other day and record your results. Repeat these steps until all your larvae have died or turned into butterflies.

   My results were that all of my larvae exposed to no music died on 10/4/2005. Two of my cumbia larvae died on 9/23/2005 and rest of them died on 10/4/05. One of my merengue larvae died on 9/27/05, two died on 9/29/05, and rest died on 10/4/05.

Do Energy Drinks Affect Larvae Growth?

Jimmy H

   I wanted to find out if larvae would grow faster if you put energy drink on the milkweed. It appears that didn't go so well. My hypothesis was that the larvae would grow faster if they had energy drink because the energy drink had more nutrients than just plain milkweed.

   I put larvae into two containers. One container had regular milkweed and the other container had milkweed with energy drink on it. I opened the energy drink and took a toothbrush. Then I put a little bit of energy drink on the toothbrush and finally spread it over the milkweed leaves.

   My results showed that energy drink helped the larvae to grow bigger. Some errors in the experiment were I used too much liquid and when the milkweed had to have moisture I put energy drink on instead of water. New things I learned were that the larvae cannot grow without milkweed. What I would do differently next time is to just one type of energy drink.

How Much Bigger Will They Grow?

Sarah D

   My question is if I put monarch larvae under a heat lamp for two hours a day, will the heat affect their size as monarchs. My hypothesis is that the monarchs will be larger because the extra heat will provide the larvae with more comfort. I that if larvae are more comfortable and happy, they will grow larger.

   My procedure is as follows. First you need to make the home as comfortable as possible. You can do this by putting a wet paper towel on the bottom of the larvae cage. Then you should put two or three milkweed leaves in the cage. Next you should carefully lift the monarch larvae (with a paintbrush so you don't kill them) into the cages. For two hours each day, you should put the larvae under a heat lamp. Bring the heat and control containers to school every Tuesday and Thursday to weigh the larvae. When the larvae are in chrysalis, DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!!!! If you knock a chrysalis off the top of the container, it cannot get back up and it will die. When the larvae are monarchs, make sure to let their wings dry before setting them free.

   My results are that all the monarch larvae died. I think this because my teacher just got information that the larvae had a disease. I also think that the larvae could have died because I put them too close to the heat lamp. Overall, this was a really fun experiment but next time I would hope not to get diseased larvae.

Musical Butterflies

Erica G

   My purpose in the experiment was to figure out how music affects the growth of a butterfly. Another purpose that I had was to figure out which type of music makes the butterfly grow the fastest. I chose this so I could learn more about a butterfly and its life. My hypothesis was that the affect that the music would have was that it would cause the larvae to not want to come out of their chrysalis, and that the control (no music) larvae woud grow the fastest. I thought this because the larvae in the control container would not be exposed to different noises (music).

   My procedure for this experiment was not very difficult. I started by setting up the place that they would live. I set up the containers by placing a damp paper towel at the bottom of each container, adding the same amount of milkweed to each container, and putting in the four larvae. I then played the music for twenty minutes twice a day. Results were recorded everytime something important happened.

   My results were that the rock music came in first, saxophone music second, control container (no music) third, and last was the country music. Therefore my hypothesis was not supported by my results. My conclusion was:

1) music does have an affect on the growth of the larvae/butterfly

2) the rock music made the larvae/butterfly to grow the fastest.

West Nile Frenzy!

Mark Z

   What I was trying to find out was how the West Nile Virus was transferred from Egypt to North America. My hypothesis was that it arrived in America when America allowed many immigrants from other countries in, and one of the immigrants who had it in Egypt was brought over to Ellis Island.

   From what I've learned from my data so far, West Nile Virus first appeared in humans in the late 1900s in Egypt from a woman. It then appeared in America a few years later in New York City in the year of 1990.

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