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Abstracts from Woodland Elementary 2004

Woodland Elementary
4501 97th Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

Year: 2004
Teacher(s): Kay Kust

Following the Trail, to Male or Female

Katie K

I knew it was difficult to tell if a monarch larva is male or female. In my experiment I wanted to find out if male monarch larvae or female monarch larvae ate more. I tested this by putting 15 larvae into separate cages. I then fed them milkweed leaves and recorded how much they ate. I sketched leaves before and after on graph paper and shaded how much was eaten. I also counted and bagged all frass produced by the larvae. I discovered that some males seemed to produce more frass than females and some seemed to produce about the same as some females. Overall, I could not see a pattern as to whether males or females eat more.

Summer Fun, Hand-Pairing Adult Monarchs

Joseph K

I like to hand-pair butterflies and decided to find out if you could hand-pair adult monarchs that came out late in the season. I tested this by using the adult monarchs that emerged from my sisters eating experiment. (see Katie Kust) They just started emerging this week and I just started hand-pairing them so I don’t have a lot of data yet. I did hand-pair one male and female so far and they stayed together for more than 12 hours. I am also interested in seeing if the the females will then lay eggs on the tropical milkweed plant we have in the house.

Tagging Along with Monarchs

Ellie K

I am very interested in monarch butterflies and was trying to do a lot of experiments but none of them turned out too well, so I am making a poster all about tagging monarchs. I tagged monarchs at a farm this summer, and at my house in Brooklyn Park. I also found a tagged monarch when I was living in Mexico. This poster will have lots of pictures and information about tagging monarchs.

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