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Abstracts from Rossman Elementary 2006

Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Shelly Gilson, Louise Neff

Beetlemania: Kyra vs. Bess

Chandra J, Kyra V, Kourtney H, Jacob H, Jennifer B, Ellee T

We are learning about Bess Beetles and read that they are very strong. We wondered if, pound per pound, we were stronger than a bug. Our hypothesis was that the bug would be stronger. We hooked up a Bess beetle to a Petri dish and added weights until the beetle couldn't make any forward progress. We then hooked up one of our team members to a sled and added weights until she couldn't make any forward progress. Then we calculated who was stronger, pound per pound. The beetle won, hands down. We also worked with Kevin Williams to make a really awesome model of a Bess Beetle habitat.

Do they scuddle more at night, or in the day?

Grace S, Laura B, Megan L, Will M, Mikaela S, Katelyn J

We were wondering if the aquatic macro invertebrate, the scud, is more active in light or dark.  We already knew that coots, dabbling ducks, newts, trout and other small fish eat the scuds.  In order to survive, the scuds need to hide in dark places like behind plants, in mud, and behind rocks.
Our hypothesis was that they would be more active in the dark than in the light because they would feel safer.  To test our hypothesis, we used a stop watch to time how many seconds they moved in 2 minutes while they were in the dark (using a red light to see them) and 2 minutes again in the light.
Our results were not the same as we predicted.  We repeated the test 5 more days in different settings.  In most of our tests, there was not a measurable difference in their activity level in a light setting, or the dark.  We were not able to  conclude that they were more active in the dark or light.  We graphed our findings.

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