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Abstracts from Rossman Elementary 2009

Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Jenny Lindsay, Shelly Gilson

Dead or Alive?

Willa L, Adrianna B, Kira A

 We were wondering how far a Lady Bird Beetle would go in order to survive. When given no other food, would they resort to eating their own kind? We placed a dead Lady Bird Beetle into the cage and one live Lady Bird Beetle, with no other food source. We watched for 15 minutes each day for a week.  We observed that it ate the dead Lady Bird Beetle.

How smart is your Hisser?

Bailey K, Dee Dee J, Ryan J

Our experiment is to see if the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches can tell the difference between artificial predators and real predators. We used a rat, a mouse, a spider, and a song bird. We put the predator in the cage for one week each for five minutes at a time. We did this every day for four weeks with three hissers. (Two males, and one female)

I've got the power!

Zach B, Eli B, Matthew L

We were interested about how the Giant Water bug ate things. It grabs its prey with its pinchers. So we wondered how much force they had in their pinchers. We used styrofoam to see if the Giant Water Bug would make bite marks. Then we would see how deep the bite marks were. If the bite marks were deep it would have a lot of force, but if they weren't deep, it wouldn't have little force. We used styrofoam and we marked how deep the indentations were.  We tested it every day for a week.

Rockin' Roach

Mariah M, Austin O, Mckenna R, Zane J

We were wondering if Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches could hear. Through our research we found that the hissing cockroach is completely deaf. We wanted to see if they would react to different sound vibrations by playing soft and hard music in their habitat.

The Biggest Guzzler

Madison A, Shawn J, Mazie K, Grace P, Christian F

As we were observing and researching the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches we started to wonder, who is a better decomposer, a human or a hissing cockroach? First we tested our question by gathering food for the hissing cockroach to eat. We gather fruit and vegetables. We weighed the food everyday to see how much the hisser ate and weighed the food we ate everyday to compare. We also weighed the hissers everyday and ourselves.

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