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Abstracts from Rossman Elementary 2011

Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Year: 2011
Teacher(s): Shelly Gilson

Blinded by the Light?

Cole B, Sam F, Grace V, Jonathan Z

We discovered a Giant Water Bug on our playground. We researched & found out they are called Electric Light Bugs because they are found by lights. We were curious to see if the Giant Water Bug would be attracted to blinking or constant light more? Our hypothesis was the blinking light. We turned all the lights off for our experiment & had a blinking light & then a constant light on. We timed how long it took the Giant Water Bug to go towards the light from one end of the aquarium to the other. We recorded our results for 3 weeks, & then graphed it. Next time,we would like to use different colored lights.

Dad or Son- Who's the one?

Sara F, Hallie V, Conner W

We were curious about our Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and their babies. We wanted to know who was faster, the dad or the baby? Our hypothesis was that the dad would be faster, since the dad was larger ad stronger. We experimented with the dad and the baby. The track was a foot long and we timed the dad and baby daily for 3 weeks. We recorded our results, & graphed it. Next time we would like to do the same experiment but with the mom and the baby.

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