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Abstracts from Rossman Elementary 2013

Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Year: 2013
Teacher(s): Shelly Gilson

Bright Lights, Bright Lights! Are Cave Cockroaches attracted to light?

Jacy E, Jadyn M, Adisyn S, Kenyon S, Luther V

Since our Cave Cockroaches live underground their entire life, only coming up to the surface to eat, are they attracted to light? We wanted to know if it made a difference at all, by using LED light or a heat light with our cave cockroaches.

What's that Smell? Can certain smells affect the behavior of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches?

Sydney F, Carly G, Delaja J, Jack S, Korey W

During our research we discovered that Hissers use their antennae as noses. We were curious to see how the scents of peppermint & lavender affect them.

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